the space

Egos are left at the door.
No mirrors. No photos. No quotes. No jerseys. No trophies.
Oh yah, no weights.

Training Ground

Don’t be mistaken about our spartan training environment. We can’t demand your all without creating a place where you can give it.

This minimalist space forces the use of your full kinesthetic sense as you learn and execute movements. Look above you. Massive skylights spread natural light evenly over the entire training ground. Science says exposure to sunlight improves mood and spirit — a necessary state for all-out performance.

Look below you. The industry’s most cutting edge technology in turf: PureGrass. Looks like grass. Plays like grass. Feels like grass. It’s the only way that you can count on uniform traction, foot movement, and ball bounce performance.

Mind-Blowing Tech

Where the mind goes, the body follows. Pivotal to our most intense curriculum are two avant-garde technologies.

Using Halo Sport headsets improves your brain's natural plasticity. That’s how your brain refines how it tells your muscles to make complex movements. By harnessing this brain-state, you’ll progress from the raw, unrefined movements of a novice to the powerful, precise movements of an expert.

Versus headsets are used by the world’s most elite trainers, teams and their individual athletes. They’re used to help shore-up your mental acuity, concentration, problem-solving, multitasking, resource management, decision-making, and sleep tendencies.

No Cutting Corners

Treadmills for serious athletes. Ten custom-built Woodway treadmills anchor our equipment line-up.

We worked with Woodway to design a wider treadmill that could handle 500 pounds of the most elite and powerful athletes around. And guess what — it’s now offered commercially as the Pro XL.

We’ve also invested in 6 Woodway Curve treadmills. These self-powered, unique curved running surfaces are a leap forward in running and walking workouts. Your entire body is challenged and burns up to 30% more calories than any other treadmill. Including ours. And oh yah, no electricity.

Less is More

There’s nothing run-of-mill in our space. Look around. You'll immediately see it's unique.

Our Bosu Balls each have varied air-volumes to change stability levels based on each athlete’s curriculum. Custom Rogue Echo rigs are our simple, safe way to force athletes to emphasize grip strength and improve pulling and pushing techniques.

You’ll also see hard-to-find Tornado Balls. Today, these are engineered just for PA. They’re the perfect way to create a high force, high velocity movement that safely builds trunk stabilization, shoulder co-contraction, and wrist mobility.

Other equipment you won’t find in weight-laden training facilities? Tubes for change of direction training and custom slide boards that promote lateral movement development.

I’ve been all over and I still come back to the place that gives me an edge like no
other place in the country. And I know that for a fact.

Ryan Harris

Super Bowl 50 Champion,
Denver Broncos

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