Unapologetic pursuit for results.

Competitive and ambitious athletes will challenge the boundaries and limits of both their minds and physiques. At any level youth — high school, collegiate, and pro.

Avant-garde training.

We discover and implement new technologies to help you adapt and breakthrough plateaus, achieve consistency, and maintain excellence.


Your Physique.


Your Sport.


Your Skills.


Your Curriculum.

Our sports scientists train you using highly specialized, groundbreaking tools to deliver a performance curriculum optimized just for you. The results are off-the-charts. And we give you the data to prove it.

Facilities you won’t find anywhere else.

No weights — anywhere.

That's right. Those methods are outdated and expose athletes to unnecessary risks for injury. There are safer and more effective ways to build strength for optimal performance and injury prevention.

No distractions.

No photos. No quotes. No jerseys. No mirrors. No trophies. Nothing that could break the focus needed for all-out pursuit of performance excellence.

Not just any turf.

PureGrass™ is cutting edge technology that looks, plays and feels like natural grass. It’s considered the best overall surface in the industry today.

Don’t take our word for it.

“Performance Athletix is different, it’s leading edge. It’s doing things that others are starting to copy in some ways, but they don’t have the secret formula.”

Brad Williams

Parent of Brian Williams, Dodgers Scout Team

“After training with Performance Athletics, I didn’t have to worry about my fitness level when I was learning new skills and playing at the collegiate level.”

Shelby Henriksen

Loyola Volleyball Team

"A lot of student athletes are inundated with misinformation about training, supplements and recruiting processes. Performance Athletix always assured us that we were on the right path and their actions have proven that time and time again."

Kate Wilcox-Harris

Parent of Ryan Harris, Super Bowl Champion, Denver Broncos

“With Performance Athletix training, I was ready. Most players when they come to a Division 1 program, they’re not ready. I’ve still got the records for highest vertical and the mile — all of that from coming in my first year.”

PJ Hill

The Ohio State, Basketball Team

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