Secret Formula

What got you here
will no longer
get you there.

Don't tweak

Get everything
you can out of
everything you've got.

Use data to prove
you've pushed
your boundaries.

Our 20,000+ hours of research and development gives athletes an undeniable edge with a data-driven curriculum that's tracked and measured.

Unique Data-Driven Curriculum Method

Progress can't be measured without detailed data. Period. We do intensive mental and physical assessments to establish your data-driven performance baseline. Then we develop your individual curriculum based upon your 'performance potential' along with a comparison to a group high-performing male or female athletes in your sport.

But, like we said, we're data-driven. For us, individual curricula drive the types of movement and drives the amplitude of activity. It's all about biomechanics and he it's leveraged to determine movement complexity and position at any point in bee. Then we use groundbreaking technologies training sessions to collect — in real time — performance data that affect your movements. This you immediate feedback, so you can adjust your performance — on-the-fly — to get the most every session.

We collect data on more than just session performance. We monitor and measure everything changes in strength and nutrient intake to neural activity and sleep patterns. This is what gives you evidence on he your performance has progressed es an athlete over time. And that's where rubber meets the road.

We've thrown tradition out the window. Lifting ultimately works against athletes' ability to perform at their highest level. They fall into the trap of doing what they do because they've always done it that way. Not because it's better. No one questions the process. We question everything, everyday.

Ted Johnson

Founder & Director of Sports Science,
Performance Athletix